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Braden Eves, one of the most decorated karters of the past two seasons, is set to join forces and assist VemmeKart USA. Focused on driver coaching and data and video analysis for VemmeKart branded drivers, Eves will work with competitors to help them move up the running order, hone their skills and provide coaching programs to get these drivers to the next level.

“Braden has been one of the winningest karters of the past 18 months,” explained VemmeKart USA’s Andy Gernand. “He always manages to take care of his equipment and claim the best finish possible. In my opinion, he is one of the best all-around drivers and with some help, can climb to the top of the motorsports ladder.”

Making himself available for any event that he is not already competing at, Eves will offer his services through VemmeKart USA on the local, regional, national and international levels across the United States and Canada. While competing at events, Eves will run with VemmeKart USA and assist all team drivers aside from his own racing program.

Gernand continued, “Braden has tremendous skills on track and I have seen him work with our young VemmeKart drivers. Knocking seconds off of a new driver’s time, Braden also works with more experienced drivers to help them find that last tenth or two. While he is competing with VemmeKart USA, he will act as a role model and mentor to our younger drivers by providing support and advice to their racing efforts.”

For more information on VemmeKart USA, the VemmeKart USA Race Team, 2018 race team opportunities or the VemmeKart product line, please contact Andy Gernand at 765.620.7727. For more information via e-mail, please contact VemmeKart USA at VemmeKart USA can also be found on Facebook at or on Instagram by searching @VemmeKartUSA.

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