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The United States Karting Grand Prix (USKGP) has confirmed Tillotson as an event sponsor for this summer’s event. Along with the newly formed partnership, USKGP has confirmed the recent speculations of an additional karting class for the new Tillotson T225 4 Cycle motor which is growing at an epic pace worldwide. Tillotson will also be offering a unique prize for the race winner of this event which is a seat at the Tillotson T4 World Cup in Europe this coming September.

“We are very excited to have Tillotson as part of the USKGP and welcome their brand recognition, support and sponsorship of our first annual event,” explained TAG USA’s Marty Casey.

Kevin Williams added, “Tillotson is a fixture in the karting community and to have them jump aboard on our event is special. They have joined a host of other major karting companies in the vision of the USKGP and we thank them.”

“The new class and prize that will be offered to the winner is exactly the thought behind and why the USKGP was born,” continued TAG International’s Dave Larson.

The USKGP Tillotson Class winner will receive an invitation to the Tillotson T4 World Cup in Europe this coming September that will include:

  • $1,500 Cash Prize
  • Use of New T4 Kart and Engine Package at the Tillotson T4 World Cup
  • Practice and Race Tires at the Tillotson T4 World Cup
  • All Practice and Race Entry Fees at the Tillotson T4 World Cup

The prize is set to attract many of the top United States karting competitors into taking on the T225 category for the unique opportunity to represent USA and compete for World Cup glory in the exciting new 4 Cycle category.

Class Specifications:
Tillotson T225 Senior Category

  • Class Weight: 360lbs
  • Tires: Tillotson T4 Slick Tires
  • Complete set of rules can be found on
  • Limited Engine Rental Option Available: $99 for full race weekend. Motor package complete less engine mount and chain guard.

For Purchase Options contact Tillotson Distributors:

  • Kartorama, Washington – Ph. 253-8913490
  • RLV, California – Ph. 805-9255461
  • Kart Rising, Florida – Ph. 9417770659

To register for the United States Karting Grand Prix, please follow the links below:
Sprint Registration – HERE
Road Race Registration – HERE

More announcements and USKGP profiles are coming soon! Visit for news, information, class structure, rules, hotel information and more.

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