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With much of the karting industry aligning for the upcoming July 23-25 United States Karting Grand Prix (USKGP) at the Utah Motorsports Campus (UMC), series officials are pleased to confirm a $5000 cash award to the Pro Shifter main event winner in the Sprint portion of the program. With registration opening in the coming weeks and anticipation building, the USKGP continues to gain traction as they unite the North American karting community.

“We have had a partner step up to the plate and get behind the USKGP program throwing a cash prize to the Pro Shifter race winner,” explained Marty Casey. “With more and more class sponsors coming on board, I am sure that this will not be our final piece to our overall prize fund for the event weekend.”

With events taking place at both the Road and Street circuits, karting will take over UMC during the late July weekend. With the inaugural event taking shape, USKGP Promoters are planning the annual event for years to come.

“The USKGP is not just a one and done event for us,” added TAG International’s Dave Larson. “We are building the foundation and setting the footwork for years to come. We have had a ton of support and more continues to come in as the days pass. With a class structure confirmed for both sides of the USKGP event weekend, we have several more exciting announcements on the horizon.”

“It has been an honor to be a part of the build team for the inaugural event,” added Kevin Williams, President of the World Karting Association. “Thank you to all the current supporters and partners and those that are not yet on board, we welcome you to join us.”

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the USKGP Prize Package and Registration.

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