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Update: Juan Manuel Correa

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Juan Manuel Correa, American – Ecuadorian Formula 2 driver, was one of the victims of the very tragic accident that occurred Saturday morning at the Belgian Grand Prix. The 20-year-old remains in stable condition after a lengthy surgery earlier yesterday to repair fractures to both of his legs.

Juan Manuel will remain in intensive care for at least another 24 hours to ensure that his condition can continue to be monitored by his surgical team. His parents are at his bedside can confirm that he is fully aware of the events that happened at the Circuit Spa-Francorchamps on Saturday and are providing support and comfort to their son who is completely overwhelmed with sadness. Juan Manuel sends his well wishes and prayers to Anthoine Hubert and family.

Juan Manuel and his family are very thankful to all of the fans for messages voicing their concern. Once his injuries have stabilized doctors will determine when he can be transferred back to the United States via an Air Ambulance to continue with a very lengthy rehabilitation program.

Photo: Joan Codina

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