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As many of the karting world can remember, Craig Sender was an infectious member of the industry who suddenly passed away last week. Known for his great attitude towards the sport, always willing to help others and a positive outlook on life, the United States Karting Grand Prix (USKGP) is set to honor our late racer naming the Stock Moto class, the Craig Sender Memorial.

“The Craig Sender Memorial class will run annually at the USKGP as we pay tribute to Craig and honor his family,” explained TAG USA’s Marty Casey.

World Karting Association President Kevin Williams continued, “Craig was a pioneer of our sport. While the class name and annual trophy is the least that we can do to honor him, we look forward to having the Craig Sender name with us for years to come.”

“Craig may be gone, but he will not be forgotten,” expressed TAG International’s Dave Larson. “He was a man that helped many and always had the sport of karting on his back. He will be missed.”

J3 Competition’s Justin Stefani added, “There are many great stories about Craig and how he was towards the sport of karting. Incredible loss and we will miss Craig at this year’s event but I am sure he will look down on us and be smiling.”

Mirroring what organizations had to say about Mr. Sender, his friends and competitors were also respectful of his drive to succeed but also his willingness to help others.

“My best memories of Craig are how he supported my dream of making racing a career,” added Chris Nixon. “I clearly remember him having my dad and him come over to his house and sitting me down and explaining that it would not be an easy road. He told me it would be easier to start a band because there are only so many seats to be filled in racing. I’ll never forget that, after that we spent many races as a team, going as far as Grand Junction, Colorado to race. With his help I ranked fourth in the nation and 25th in the world that year. A lot of people will talk down about your dreams, but he was one of my biggest supporters and for that I will always keep a place for him in my memory.”

This has been a sad week for karting and as we mourn the loss of Craig, we will celebrate his life at the United States Karting Grand Prix later this year

Stay tune to more announcements from the United States Karting Grand Prix.

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