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The United States Karting Grand Prix (USKGP) has confirmed LeCont Tire as the spec tire for the Sprint racing side of their program. LeCont will also be the tire utilized in the World Tire Changing Challenge as well as LeCont will be visible on Vendor Row and have branding throughout the event weekend.

“We welcome the LeCont Tire brand to the USKGP family,” explained Marty Casey. “LeCont has a handful of dealers and distributors throughout the country that will be able to serve our teams and competitors. We look forward to a healthy and long-lasting relationship.”

Continuing to work together, TaG USA, TAG International, the World Karting Association (WKA), Puget Sound Go Kart Association (PSGKA), Puget Sound Road Racing Association (PSRRA), J3 Karting, Rotax, and the Northern California Karters (NCK) are putting together an unprecedented event. Designed to continue on for years to come, the USKGP is destined to be a huge success!

“It’s an honor for us to be involved in such an event where the first time we can see different organizations and sanctioning bodies working together for the karter,” added WR International’s Wagner Rossi. “That’s how the future of this sport should be conducted to increase the overall footprint and encourage growth!”

LeCont Details for USKGP

  • LeCont is the spec Sprint tire brand for the US Karting Grand Prix. All karts must be fitted with LeCont Tires, include rain tires during all sessions during the official event dates. All Sprint racers must start qualifying with new LeCont tires, specific to their class.
  • Drivers must procure LeCont tires for their use at the event on their own and declare their race tires with event organizers prior to qualifying. Race tires will NOT be sold by the organizers of the event but will be sold by the LeCont dealers.
  • Use of LeCont practice and LeCont rain tires is free and there is no limit on set quantity.
  • Starting with qualifying, through the main event, maximum allowable tires are listed below. Classes allowed more than 4-tires may utilize allowable tires at the discretion of the driver from qualifying through the final
    • All CADET Classes, LeCont SVB CIK Option (RED), 10×4.50-5, 4-Tires Only
    • All Briggs Junior, Senior, Master Classes, LeCont SVB Option (RED), 2-Fronts 10×4.50-5, 2-Rear 11×6.00-5
    • 100cc Classes, LeCont SVB Option (RED), 2-Fronts 10×4.50-5, 2-Rears 11×7.10-5
    • All Shifter Classes, LeCont SVC CIK Prime (WHITE), 4-Fronts 10×4.50-5, 4-Rears 11×7.10-5
    • TAG Junior, LeCont SVB Option (RED), 4-Fronts 10×4.50-5, 4-Rears 11×7.10-5
    • TAG Senior, and TAG Master Classes, LeCont SVC CIK Prime (WHITE), 4-Fronts 10×4.50-5, 4-Rears 11.710-5
    • Competitors must complete and turn in their Tire Serial Number Inventory Form, supplied in their registration packet, to declare their specific tires, when arriving for qualifying, indicating serial numbers and quantity of event tires specific to their class. Competitors must only use their declared tires, and may not share, trade, gift, or otherwise use the declared tires of another competitor at any time starting with Qualifying.

List of LeCont Tire Distributors
Arizona – AZ Kartwerx, Ph. 623-516-7535,
Colorado – Grand Junction Motor Spdwy, Ph. 970-256-0107,
Nevada – Acceleration Karting, Ph. 888-466-5278,
Oregon – Competition Motors, Ph. 503-624-0621,
Washington – Italian Motors, Ph. 360-988-5104,
Washington – Kart O Rama Inc., Ph. 253-891-3490,
Washington – Midnight Motorsports, Ph. 206-535-6067,
Washington – Huggler Racing Engines, Ph. 253-219-1011,

Stay tune to more announcements from the United States Karting Grand Prix.

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