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BENIK Kart and Team BENIK release the following statement, after the conclusion of the 2017 SuperKarts! USA (SKUSA) SuperNationals 21:


Effective immediately, Team BENIK has cut all ties with High-Rev Engineering and Owner Marc Zartarian. Moving forward Team BENIK Kart drivers under the official team tent will not be permitted to utilize High-Rev Engineering prepared engines and if they desire to do so, will be asked to pit on their own and under their own risk. Also, Team BENIK urges all BENIK Kart dealers to seriously consider the use of any High-Rev Engineering prepared engines.

Team BENIK driver Carson Morgan was the first to reach the checkered flag in the IAME Mini Swift division and was awarded the on track victory of the prestigious SuperNationals 21. After post race technical inspection of the High-Rev Engineering supplied Mini Swift engine, the engine itself, was found to not be in the tolerances of the published regulations. The result of the discrepancies was a disqualification and removal of the victory for Carson Morgan. Furthermore, third place finisher, Brandon Carr, in the IAME Micro Swift class was also disqualified for the same engine discrepancy.

BENIK Kart and Team BENIK put full trust into High-Rev Engineering to supply their competitors with equipment of the highest standards, yet compliant to all and any regulations put forth by the series and/or event. Team BENIK prides themselves on competing within the regulations and was unaware of the specific items internal of the High-Rev Engineering supplied powerplant. It also should be noted that the BENIK branded chassis was within the regulations and deemed legal for competition pre and post event.

Continued, Team BENIK and BENIK Kart drivers claimed the win in IAME Micro Swift as well as additional podium results in both the Micro and Mini Swift and were all found to be tech compliant with IAME engines that were supplied by a different engine builder.

Team BENIK and BENIK Kart also note that the 2017 SKUSA program was the only time in which the team or team drivers used High-Rev Engineering prepared engines and all previous success has come with other engine builders.

Team BENIK and BENIK Kart would also like to thank the SuperKarts! USA program and the technical inspectors for holding all competitors and teams to a high standard and protecting the integrity of the sport.


For more information on BENIK Kart, please contact Nick Mitchell or Ben Cruttenden via e-mail to or by phone at 754.206.4870.

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