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With the 2017 racing season complete, there is no slowing down for Team BENIK, who are pleased to announce the arrival of two Formula 4 cars. Set to compete in the 2018 United States F4 Championship Powered by Honda, Team BENIK will now have a major presence from karting to the Cooper Tires USF2000 Championship Powered by Mazda and now the United States F4 Championship Series powered by Honda.

“Going into United States F4 program is an obvious step for us,” explained Team Manager Nick Mitchell. “It makes complete sense for our internal ladder system and we can’t wait to get going. We feel it’s the perfect cost effective training ground for young drivers and effectively for the cost of a karting budget, the series seems to be super competitive.”

With multiple test dates already scheduled for December and January, Team BENIK will have several opportunities for drivers to try multiple different cars at several facilities throughout Florida.

“We have had our eye on United States F4 program this year while competing in USF2000,” explained Team BENIK Chief Engineer. “After the arrival of the cars two weeks ago they are very good value for the money. Parts are cost effective and easy to replace with a high level of quality maintained throughout; that’s just what any driver’s sponsor wants. We understand that the first year out of karting for any driver is a learning year and the F4 program is as cost effective as it comes.”

With their strong infrastructure in the kart team, Team BENIK’s aim is to take the drivers from karting into cars, as they move drivers from strong winter test programs into race winning seasons.

2018 will be a busy year for Team BENIK as they will see action in both the USF2000 and F4 programs as well as a yet to be announced karting schedule.

For more information on BENIK, please contact Nick Mitchell or Ben Cruttenden via e-mail to or by phone at 754.206.4870.

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