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With the ROK Cup Promotions Florida Winter Tour just around the corner, TB Kart USA is fully committed to compete in the 2022 edition of the popular winter karting program. With the addition of the Briggs 206 classes along with the ultra-competitive ROK divisions, TB Kart USA will make a run at race wins, podium results, and the popular Florida Winter Tour championships.

“We have been long-time supporters of the Florida Winter Tour and with the reintroduction of the 206 classes, it opens up a market that we have a big interest in and a healthy customer base,” explained Farshad Bagheri. “We thank the Florida Winter Tour staff for considering and adding the 206 classes as we look to bring a number of drivers.”

Along with the commitment to the Florida Winter Tour, TB Kart USA continues to make way for new 2022 chassis models with their huge inventory blowout sale. With a minor price increase on the horizon, TB Kart USA has slashed their prices back to pre-2019 all while donating a portion of chassis sales to the Wounded Warrior Project.

Bagheri continued, “We are calling all current and future TB Kart customers to join us at the Florida Winter Tour. We want to make sure that we all pit together, and everyone gets the necessary support, and access to product in a quick and efficient manner. Our goal is to win individually, and as a team. We look forward to having you as part of TB Kart USA.”

For more information on TB Kart USA, please contact Farshad Bagheri at 727.204.7633 or via email to TB Kart USA can also be reached online at or by searching TB Kart USA on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media platforms. If messaging is your preferred method of communication, please log on to Facebook and message the TB Kart USA page for a quick response.

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