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Not driving since her previous Andersen Race Park (ARP) event weekend, Steffany Miller relied on her older brother, Steven Miller, to help win her third consecutive ARP Championship. Entering the final event as the point leader, Steffany did exactly what was needed to close out the title chase as she tried to keep pace with her brother’s championship results resume.

Out of the seat for several weeks, Steffany’s brother, Steven Miller (multi-time national champion) spent a day of practice with her dialing in her kart for the important race weekend. Unfortunately, race day produced an additional challenge for Steffany as she woke up under the weather and low on energy which would provide an extra hurdle to overcome.

Qualifying fourth and starting the prefinal on the outside of row two, Steffany was shuffled back at the start but managed to work her way back to the fourth position. With the main event being the deciding factor of the championship and another P4 starting spot for Steffany, her brother Steven calculated the championship points and determined that she did not need to win the final to win the title, just to be either in front or just behind the driver second in the championship points.

Steven explained to Steffany, “We are here to win a championship, championship racing is not about a single race. it’s about the body of work for a series of races.”

With Steffany again starting outside row two in the final, she was once again pushed out in turn one and shuffled back several positions. Determined and on a mission to succeed, Steffany went to work passing karts making her way to her goal of being directly behind the kart second in the championship points.

As she was closing in with each passing lap, having a commanding lead over karts behind her, Steven signaled Steffany to be smart so she would not risk winning the championship.

Steven continued, “Steffany was able to stand on the second step of the podium in the final race and even though it was not a top step for that race, it was Championship winning which was the most important prize.”

For the previous championship series, Steffany wanted a pet snake if she won. For this series she wanted a parakeet. If she keeps winning championships like her brother, she will have a lot of pets to feed every day!

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Photo: Steven Miller Racing

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