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Racing out of the Chad Dokken Racing (CDR) camp and looking to follow in the footsteps of her older brother Steven, Steffany Miller recently earned her second consecutive championship at Andersen Race Park. Earning top honors in the 2022 Fall / Winter Championship, Miller followed that up with back-to-back titles earning the 2023 Spring / Summer Championship this past weekend.

Piloting a CDR-prepped Energy Kart, Steffany was undefeated in her 2022 title-winning effort but worked hard to keep the momentum rolling in 2023. Entering the final event of the Spring / Summer Championship, Steffany was tied in points and would need to beat her rival to finish on top. Suffering from carburetor issues early in the day that hindered her speed, the youngest Miller qualified fourth in class before finishing third in the prefinal. With the carb issue fixed for the main event, Miller took the lead before the halfway mark and drove to the checkered flag, earning another victory and her second championship in two tries.

“Great weekend at ARP and happy to be at the top of the podium,” explained Steffany. “With the kart not running good I really did not think I could win. I was so happy in the final, the engine was fixed, and I had the speed I needed to pass and take the checkered flag. My dad asked what prize I wanted if I win the Championship, and I said a pet snake.”

With a pair of champions in the family, Steven and now Steffany Miller will be a threat in the world of motorsports for years to come. Stay tuned for information on Steffany’s plans for the remainder of 2023 and onwards into the 2024 season soon.

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Photos: Steven Miller Racing

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