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With the 2022 ROK Sonoma program just past the halfway mark and the Sonoma facility hosting the prestigious ROK Fest West event this weekend, a host of class sponsors and series partners have been added to the roster. Now dubbed ROK Sonoma Presented by Titanium Sports Nutrition, the newly branded series will replace the outgoing Sanzaru Games partner as SSI Racing, OPI Builders, Altwell, and Blayze Coaching jump on board to be class sponsors.

“We would like to welcome all of our new sponsors to the ROK Sonoma program, especially our new presenting partner, Titanium Sports Nutrition,” explained Steve Cameron. “Motorsports is on the rise around the world as is karting in North America, and these new partners and sponsors see the potential advantages of being associated with our series.”

Moving forward for the remainder of the ROK Sonoma Powered by Titanium Sports Nutrition season, SSI Racing School will present the Micro and Mini ROK classes. The Senior 100cc division will be sponsored by OPI Builders while the Master ROK Shifter and LTD ROK Shifter class will be branded by Altwell. Additionally, Blayze Coaching will be a major player in the ROK Sonoma program, and all these new partners will receive benefits this weekend at the ROK Cup USA ROK Fest West event.

Titanium Sports Nutrition will be supplying sample packs of their nutritional supplements this weekend at ROK Fest West and discount codes for all drivers competing in the ROK Sonoma Presented by Titanium Sports Nutrition program.

Learn more about the newest series and class sponsors in the 2022 ROK Sonoma:
Titanium Sports Nutrition – HERE
Blayze Coaching – HERE
SSI Racing School Micro and Mini ROK – HERE
OPI Builders Senior 100cc – HERE
Altwell Master RoK Shifter and LTD Shifter – HERE

The combined ROK Sonoma Race #6 and ROK Fest West Sonoma event will be on track this weekend, while Race #7 in the 2022 ROK Sonoma Powered by Titanium Sports Nutrition will be over the September 23-25 weekend. For more information, visit ROK Sonoma online via their Facebook page by searching ROK Sonoma or at their website

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