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ROK Cup USA, along with Vortex Engines, is happy to announce its 2017 engine trade in program for the North American karting market. Working hard to bring the karting community together and end the fragmentation that is apparent in the sport, the trade in program is open to teams and competitors alike.

“There are a lot of rumors circulating in the United States karting market but one truth to them is that ROK Cup USA and Vortex are pushing forward with their plans to grow,” explains Garett Potter of ROK Cup USA Promotions. “TaG engines eligible for trade include the Rotax FR125 model while the Honda CR125, TM 125, Maxter 125 and Rotax DD2 will cover the shifter engine platforms. We have had some inquires about the current Iame platforms (Swift and X30), and just to clarify, these are NOT eligible.”

The ROK Cup USA trade in program will take place for 30 days starting April 1, 2017, ending April 30, 2017.

All engines that are eligible for trade in must be operational. The engine package needs to be complete and include the engine itself, wire harness, all electronics, exhaust system and/or silencer, and radiators if they are supplied from the manufacturer when new. Engine components must not have any visible major damage.

Potter continued, “Over the past three years we have seen consistent steady growth in the Vortex market and we understand this is what the customers like to see, as well as a reliable, long term program without constant change. Vortex has done an outstanding job in this area with some packages going back eight years without any major changes. We all know nothing is forever and problems will come up; it’s how these problems are addressed and in a manner racers can count on. As I have stated before, Vortex quality is amazing: a consistent product that can win right out of the box, which is also key to building a great program in this spec racing world we live in now.”

Prices after trade in are listed below and must be used towards the purchase of a brand new Vortex ROK engine package.

ROK Micro/Mini: $800.00+Tax/Shipping
ROK GP: $1200.00+Tax/Shipping
ROK Shifter: $2200.00+Tax/Shipping

Please download and complete the ROK Trade In Form (printable) or ROK Trade In Form (fillable) to get started.

With the 2017 season only in its first few months, the Vortex ROK engine platform has seen an explosion of growth and the numbers continue to be on the rise. With the ROK Cup USA Florida Championship Finale in only a few weeks and the start of the ROK Cup Midwest Region just around the corner, the time to ROK is now.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact ROK CUP USA at (407) 476-5635 or

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