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Last week ROK CUP USA announced its 2017 season and received an overwhelming number of e-mails, phone calls, and social media responses with different ideas, suggestions, opinions and perspective from our loyal and valued customers. ROK CUP USA went on overdrive, analyzing all comments and realized that it needed reevaluate its schedule to better suit the drivers, teams and organizations that participate in their events.

ROK CUP USA doesn’t just believe in talk and no actions. They really believe that they have created a series for the drivers, and always have the drivers as a priority. Without the drivers there is no series.

With that mentality in place, ROK CUP USA will:
1- Reduce the number of races for 2017
2- Analyze the all current races on the 2017 calendar and try to minimize travels for racing teams
3- Work together with other race organizations
4- Create an easier points system
5- Create championship programs that allow drivers a direct ticket to the International Final in Italy

ROK CUP USA will release its new schedule on Monday and assures all Rokkers they will be extremely satisfied.

For more information on the ROK program as well as ROK CUP USA, please visit them online at or visit them on Facebook at

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