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Due to the overwhelming amount of entries that are continuing to pour into the ROK Cup USA offices, series officials have had to go to work on the event schedule. With three classes oversold, one class set to reach the forty mark shortly, Last Chance Qualifier races have been added after qualifying sessions on Thursday afternoon in a unique racing format.

Classes that are currently oversold include Shifter ROK, Senior ROK and Junior ROK. The class nearing capacity is Shifter Masters ROK.

“ROK CUP USA is unwavering on its commitment to running a safe, fun, relaxed, on time schedule for our customers – this is what makes us different than other programs” explained Garett Potter, ROK CUP USA Director of Operations. “I’m very happy to see the excitement surrounding our event, unfortunately with the great entry news come some bad news, as some racers will not make the show. We understand though our decisions will not please each and every competitor; we have contacted several of our supporting teams to gauge our suggestions, ideas and concerns regarding the schedule.

The daily schedule will change starting Wednesday adding some split groups for oversold classes during practice (Odd/Even numbers). The same split group format will continue Thursday through qualifying. The top 34 after qualifying will transfer to the heats, the remainder will run an LCQ for the last six spots on the grid.

Potter added, “Each class that is over 40 entrants will have a last chance race event after qualifying as the final shot to make the heat race format. The 35th place driver after qualifying will be on the pole position for the LCQ and 36th will start second and so on. The top six drivers in the LCQ will advance to the heat races while the seventh-place driver and above in the LCQ will be finished for the weekend.”

Entrants that are not in the top-40 after the last chance qualifier will have the option to enter as an unqualified competitor in another class that is not at capacity beginning on Friday morning with the second round of heat races.

An updated Event Schedule can be downloaded here:

For more information on ROK CUP USA, ROK Cup Promotions and the 2019 ROK the RIO, please feel free to contact ROK CUP USA at (407) 476-5635 or or Garett Potter at

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