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ROK Cup USA and their North American ROK affiliates will make the switch to LeVanto Tires for the 2021 season. Utilized from Micro ROK all the way through to Shifter ROK, the LeVanto Tire will be produced by leading Italian tire manufacture LeCont and will be the tire of choice for ROK Cup USA for 2021 and beyond.

“We are very excited about a new tire brand and compound for the United States,” explained Garett Potter, ROK Cup Promotions Director of Operations. “There is always some uncertainty when making a big change like this, but I think everyone can agree we were ready for something new. The LeCont company is very proven in the karting market and with multiple World Championships under their belt, ROKKERS can count on quality from them and I’m looking forward to a long relationship. Tires for North America will be available for purchase within the next two weeks, and we will officially begin to use them in competition at the start of the 2021 Florida Winter Tour and Challenge of the Americas.”

Rain tires for all ROK Cup USA promoted events and its affiliated partners will remain on Bridgestone.

The model used for all ROK Cup USA classes is the LeVanto KRT. Manufactured by LeCont, the KRT is the result of careful research and development work. The LeVanto KRT tires are an exclusive product for ROK Cup Global, including ROK Cup USA, and will be available in the following sizes in the North American market:

– 4.5/10.0-5
– 7.1/11.0-5

For more information on ROK Cup USA, ROK Cup Promotions, please feel free to contact ROK CUP USA at (407) 476-5635 or or Garett Potter at

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