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In a movement to strengthen its programs, Ryno Racing has joined forces with leading US Radical dealer Team Stradale with the Radical Cup North America being the top priority in 2024. The long-term partnership between the two entities will be based in Illinois at the Autobahn Country Club and will allow Team Stradale staff members to focus on their core business and trackside operations at the Country Club with Ryno Racing handling the race and transportation side of the business.

Ryno Racing has a long history of racing in various prototype championships across the United States and is no stranger to the sharp end of the grid. Specializing in Radical racing and LMP3 cars, Ryno Racing prides itself on putting together a well-prepared racecar that is both competitive and safe allowing drivers to push hard and fight for race wins.

Team Stradale is the Radical dealer for the Midwest and Miami, Florida, and they specialize in sales and service. With a great facility based trackside at Autobahn Country Club, this enables them to give their customers great support and service at the club and to be available for the customers trackside daily. Team Stradale has recently expanded its operations to Miami, which gives their customers a place to go in the wintertime so they can drive all year round.

Team Stradale Principal, Francesco D’Avola, credited good timing and a big increase in shop hours for the deal. “Our team is out on the road over 25 days every season just for the Radical Cup, which is a significant amount of time to be away from our busy trackside operations and members at the club. Consolidating resources with Ryno Racing will make our operation more efficient and will free up our racecar hauler for other business requirements. The team at Ryno Racing has proven to be some of the best in the paddock, and we look forward to working together with them for the foreseeable future.”

Ryno Racing Principal, Simon Shepard, welcomed the partnership and its additional workload. “We are very happy to partner with Francesco and his team; they have a thriving business at the country club, and we look forward to adding a few more cars to go with our new hauler. Partnering with Team Stradale allows us to upgrade and invest in our team and equipment with a broadened outlook moving forward, and we are looking forward to the 2024 season to get going.”

Race team manager Mike Anzaldi (#61 Pro 1500, Fields Cannery) will also be racing this year and has committed to a full season in the Pro 1500 class. The 2021 Pro 1340 Champion and runner-up in 2022 stepped up to the Pro 1500 class for 2023. “Last season was a little tricky for us; we took delivery of a new car at the first race of the season, and it had taken us a few events to get on top of the car with the limited testing time we had. We ultimately paid a heavy price in the points race and the hope of fighting for the championship slipped away. Moving on, post-season testing gained us a better understanding of the new car, and I’m really looking forward to the season. We are in a much better place to start our championship campaign.”

For the upcoming season, the team will be working hard behind the scenes and pushing hard for race wins in the Radical Cup. They will be looking to build on their current operations in the Cup and will have several cars for rent for anyone who wants to try their hand at a Radical.

For more information on Team Stradale or Ryno Racing, please contact the numbers below:

Team Stradale (815) 727-7234, Ryno Racing (714) 369 3361

Team Stradale can be seen on Instagram at @Tstradale while Ryno Racing can be found at @RynoRacingUSA.

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