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From entering the off season to once again being back behind the wheel of his Ginetta G55 machine, Parker Chase will join Ginetta factory driver Charlie Robertson as the duo will enter the Trans Am Championship event at the Circuit of the Americas (COTA) this coming weekend. In part due to the huge efforts of Adolpho Rossi of Ginetta USA, the Ginetta G55 is being considered for inclusion in the 2018 Trans Am Championship. The two remaining events of the 2017 season will provide grounds for evaluation and testing to ultimately decide the 2018 classification.

“I am very happy to get back in the car and at one of my favorite tracks,” explained Parker Chase. “The goal is to put the Ginetta G55 car through the evaluation process in the Trans Am Championship. Results are not what we are shooting for this weekend, but as a racer, you want nothing more than to show speed and stand on the top step of the podium. This is a terrific opportunity for Ginetta to be included in another high profile North American series and I thank Ginetta and the Trans Am Championship for allowing me to be part of it.”

The invite to join the Trans Am Championship for the final events of the 2017 season was an open invitation to several manufacturers to participate at an exhibition level. With the first event taking place this weekend in Austin, Texas, the second event will run at the famed Daytona International Speedway early in November. The Ginetta program was the only team to accept the invite as they explore new avenues for the 2018 season and beyond. The competitiveness of the cars compared to the other cars in the class will be tested at these events. Chase and Robertson will voluntarily start at the back of the field for the race event as to ensure that the full-season Trans Am participants are not impacted by their participation.

Chase continued, “We had less than a week to pull this off and if it wasn’t for the support of Ginetta and the outstanding Performance Motorsports Group, this would have not been possible. PMG Team Manager and Lead Engineer Hunter Wright and his wife are expecting a baby today, but he will be at COTA to oversee the program and ensure our Ginetta is in top form.”

“It is never easy to introduce a new chassis to a series but Ginetta is doing everything that it takes to ensure a smooth and seamless entry to the Trans Am program,” explained Hunter Wright. “They are flying a team here from England as well as a factory driver to drive alongside Parker. We are completely unsure how the car will compare to others in the class, but we welcome the opportunity that has been presented to us.”

Ginetta Cars USA, Performance Motorsports Group and the Chase Racing program would like to thank the Trans Am Championship for their invitation to participate and look forward to the opportunity.

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