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With the Ocala Gran Prix Fall/Winter Local Series set to kick off in less than two weeks, series officials are pleased to announce that the Vortex ROK Junior Shifter program will be back on the series docket. Actively looking to help develop the skills and talents of young shifter kart drivers, Ocala Gran Prix will be one of the only programs in the country to do such a thing and offer the Junior Shifter division.

“Young drivers can compete in TaG or 100/125cc programs but really have no way to obtain gearbox experience until they reach the senior level of classes at the age of 15,” explained Ocala Gran Prix’s Jorge Arellano. “With the startup of the Junior Shifter class, young competitors will be able to get into a gearbox specific kart and engine package and begin developing their skills sooner rather than later. I am also confident that this will make for better drivers moving through karting as they begin their climb up the motorsports ladder.”

The Vortex ROK Junior Shifter class will encompass the same Vortex ROK Shifter engine that is utilized in the senior class, but with the addition of an Ocala Gran Prix designed and OTK USA manufactured exhaust restrictor, horsepower and speeds will be limited for junior competitors. Ocala Gan Prix have chassis, engines and exhaust restrictors in stock.

Arellano continued, “We have the exhaust restrictors in stock trackside and will be able to assist series competitors in getting started. Our fully stocked race shop and highly talented and experienced staff will be able to get you up and running in no time.”

With the Ocala Gran Prix Fall/Winter Local Series set to kick off on September 9, the complete schedule is listed below:

Race #1 – September 9, 2017
Race #2 – October 14, 2017
Race #3 – November 11, 2017
Race #4 – December 9, 2017

For more information on Ocala Gran Prix, OGP race team opportunities and info on how to get into karting, please visit Ocala Gran Prix online at or contact them at 352.291.0600 or via e-mail to

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