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Nikola Tesla Unite is new to the cryptocurrency market, but cryptocurrency is not new in the minds of the founders. Working for many years to bring the concept and idea to market, NIKO Coin is set to be one of the major players in not only digital currency, but also business-to-business programs through their partnership with Alianza Motorsports.

“This is a true partnership,” explained Alianza Motorsports’ Lorne Kelly. “We are working together both on and off the track. NIKO Coin promotion is being done on the side of our racecar, race hauler and with trackside functions and displays while we all work hand in hand to educate fellow teams, drivers and racing enthusiasts on the advantages and benefits of using digital currency. We have had several meetings with suppliers, other team partners, series and organizations on how we can help them get in on the ground floor of the digital currency market all with the help of NIKO Coin.”

With a digital wallet offered by NIKO Coin and that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store, NIKO Coin can now connect with a wider demographic of users.

Kelly continued, “With NIKO Coin, the general public can conduct peer-to-peer transactions and trade cryptocurrency at local NIKO Coin outlets. The whole idea seems futuristic but the writing is on the wall and we are definitely headed to a more digital society. Alianza Motorsports is happy to have this connection to cryptocurrency and we are excited to help bring it to the world of motorsports.”

“Our mission is to facilitate fundamental change in societal interactions while having a significant impact on many of the ways our world functions by building solutions that will have a profound impact on how global society interacts,” explained Dean Jessop of Nikola Tesla Unite. “Our values of community, decentralization, and inclusion are all closely and deeply aligned with our belief in the forthcoming digital economy. A future where the people and technology will be a part of a fully liquid system open to everyone. Our group is advancing this state of technology and pushing it forward through innovative development. We are building solutions that will have a profound impact on how global society interacts. Leveraging a top-tier network of global providers, we are building an ecosystem more robust and far-reaching than anything to date.”

While the next on track action is still six weeks away, Alianza Motorsports continues to prepare for their home event at the Canadian Tire Motorsports Park. Taking on the Mobil 1 SportsCar Grand Prix during the July 6-8 weekend, this will be the home event for team driver Anthony Simone and provide the perfect backdrop for NIKO Coin to educate potential users of cryptocurrency.

For more information on Nikola Tesla Unite and the NIKO brand of cryptocurrency, please contact Jane Anderson at 1.833.TESLA 56 or via e-mail to To visit them online, please visit or

Photos: Alianza Motorsports

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