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Looking to make an affordable way into open-wheel racing, a new Arrive and Drive series has been created utilizing generation 1 Ligier F4 cars. The Formula Super GP will launch later this year with a Winter Tour beginning in December with plans to continue throughout 2024 to bring new people into open-wheel racing.

With over 35 years of experience at the highest levels of the sport, the management of Formula Super GP are positioned to provide drivers with the knowledge needed to succeed in the world of motorsport. From excellent driver coaching to increase talent on-track and knowledge of the business side off-track, Formula Super GP is a complete package for up-and-coming drivers.

“Yes, your performance on track is very important, but also equally as important is your ability to understand the complexities of the business side of the sport,” explained Jonathan Lewis, President and General Manager of Formula Super GP. “I have personally secured over $6.5 million in sponsorships over the years and managed a very successful professional team in various top-level series, winning such prestigious races as the Mobil1 12 hours of Sebring. Understanding how sponsorships work and how to go about securing them is vital to your advancement in this sport.”

There is no doubt that auto racing is an expensive sport. Formula Super GP is designed to provide drivers with the lowest-cost option to begin a career in the sport. A platform where you compete on a level playing field with all cars equal, this is a series where it comes down to driver talent, not who can pay the most money for the best engineer.

Lewis continued, “Formula Super GP is not simply a racing series. We give all of our drivers the tools to excel in this sport. Formula Super GP’s YouTube Docuseries ‘Racing Ahead’ has been designed to highlight every driver in the Championship creating an international fan base to make each driver more valuable to potential sponsors. Racing Ahead will reach a global audience with new episodes every month beginning in early 2024.”

The cash prizes awarded in Formula Super GP are also designed to provide a substantial budget for drivers to advance to higher levels of the sport where costs are also higher.

With three races per weekend over five weekends, Formula Super GP will offer cash and prizes. Formula Super GP will provide $15,000 to the driver who scores the most points during the three-race weekend, $5000 to the driver who scores the second highest points during the weekend and $2500 will go to the third highest point gainer. There will be a $35,000 bonus to the Formula Super GP Tour Champion while $10,000 will go to the Vice-Champion with all drivers earning $50 per point awarded throughout the tour.

For more information on the Formula GP Series, please visit or contact via email to Jonathan Lewis at

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