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Natasha Pinto has been announced and confirmed as the fourth annual recipient of the Rod Campbell Award. Set to receive paid apprenticeship-style work in the summer of 2024 in several different areas of the motorsports and automotive industry to expand her knowledge and gain experience, Pinto will begin her work immediately alongside her schooling efforts as she looks to kickstart a future career in the automotive and motorsports industries.

“It is a privilege to be the recipient of this year’s Rod Campbell Award,” expressed Pinto after learning that she was the recipient last week. “This opportunity will allow me to experience several aspects of the automotive and motorsport fields in addition to meeting industry professionals, and I look forward to getting started.”

Pinto went on to say, “My passion for motorsports growing over the years has solidified my decision to pursue a career in the field, and this program is exactly what will help me gain more knowledge and experience in the industry. My years in the journalism program have shown me the importance of getting to know people and appreciating their stories. So many individuals make up the motorsports industry, all having unique paths. With different forms of media and content creation, I look to highlight those individuals giving them a platform to talk about their careers but also to inspire future generations, showing them that there is a place for them in the industry.”

The award was established to perpetuate a launchpad of opportunity for young professionals looking to begin successful careers in the automotive and motorsports arenas. Natasha, who is the fourth annual award winner, will receive paidapprenticeship-style experience in companies run by Rod’s protégés which include Michelle Baker, Townsend Bell, Jason Campbell, Sean Jones, Chris Lencheski, Steve Madincea, Jose Matiauda, Mike Maurini, Paul Pfanner, David Scheinberg, and Jeff Swoboda. Natasha will follow in the footsteps of previous award winners including Cedric Burkhardt, AJ Abate, and Madison Kinner.

“I am incredibly thankful to Mr. Campbell and his family, and all those involved in this program, for being a mentor to me and allowing me to launch my career,” added Pinto. “There is a lot to learn, and I couldn’t be more grateful to be a part of this experience.”

With a wealth of knowledge already secured, contacts to grow in the future, and now part of the Rod Campbell Award program, Natasha Pinto was chosen by a panel made up of automotive and motorsport executives and will now continue to gain paid experience with companies within the motorsports and automotive industry throughout the summer of 2024.

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