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Momentum Motorsports, a leading team in the F4 United States Championship Powered by Honda, is pleased to announce an association with DRT Racing, a top-level karting program, in the formation of their much-anticipated Karts to Cars effort. A win-win program for all involved, the newly designed ladder is not only for young kart racers looking to make the next step, but also for the career minded driver working towards a race and championship winning formula car path.

“The Momentum/DRT Karts to Cars program has been in the works for quite awhile,” explained Phil Picard, Owner of the championship caliber Formula 4 outfit. “Don Guilbeault and I have had major discussions on how to make this happen but needed to wait until we were both happy with the way that our businesses and teams were operating. Now is the time!”

While many drivers and their families struggle with the next step from national level karting, DRT Racing and Momentum Motorsports are making it easy. Providing not only testing opportunities, an internal ladder, marketing and media programs as well as advanced level coaching and data and video analysis, the program offers kart racers a familiar face when they enter the world of formula car racing.

“Phil has one of the best F4 programs in the country and I am happy to have this link with his program,” explained the owner of DRT Racing. “Drivers within our program will have ample opportunity to follow and attend events with Momentum Motorsports as guests of the team, discounted test opportunities as well as a direct and seamless link to an all-in-one winning program.”

Picard continued, “The ladder is multi-directional. While we can sign drivers at a young age to an early testing and development program, we can also send our season-long F4 drivers back to karting to stay in shape, sharpen their skills and keep up to speed. Also, with exciting plans for growth in the future, drivers in our program can have the opportunity to move up in the world of motorsports beyond F4 with other yet to be announced programs.”

For more information on the Karts to Cars program, please contact Momentum Motorsports or DRT Racing via email to or

With the F4 United States Championship Powered by Honda kicking off April 26-29 at the Virginia International Raceway in Altoona, Virginia, Momentum Motorsports will take part in the upcoming Series Test March 31 and April 1 at NOLA Motorsports Park. With a seat available for a driver looking to compete in the complete season or looking to try their hand in formula car driving, please contact Phil Picard at Momentum Motorsports via email to or by phone to 914.490.7604.

Photos: DRT Racing and F4 United States Championship Powered by Honda

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