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After launching a successful karting program, Jay Howard’s Motorsports Driver Development program (MDD) will now expand into formula car racing. MDD has created a program to help move drivers from karting to the first step in formula racing, the F4 series, with the help and knowledge of two-time Indianapolis 500 competitor Jay Howard.

“For a few years now I have wanted to expand the MDD program to a car team. Nothing up until now has made sense to me, but F4 has got it right. Cost effective, lots of seat time, the perfect transitional step from karting to cars,” claims Howard. “The MDD program taking drivers from karts to cars is stronger than ever. Having our own in-house car team allows the drivers to stay within a team program they are familiar and comfortable with. I will use my experience to build the best F4 program in the country. Through my IndyCar career I met some very talented people, some of which will be a part of the MDD program. I’m super excited about this opportunity and can’t wait to hit the track soon!”

F4 is an entry series that allows drivers from disciplines like karting to move up to open wheel racing at a lower cost than the other entry level series. Howard plans to utilize his experience in Indy Car to help young drivers in the F4 program and prepare them to continue moving up in open wheel racing.

MDD’s F4 program will offer arrive and drive programs, as well as programs that allow drivers to own their own car. Both programs include trackside services such as data and video analysis, hospitality, extensive driver education, race fees, all equipment needed for the car to perform, and more. The programs also include management services, such as sponsorship management, website and social media assistance, driver brand development, and more. These services allow drivers to receive assistance in all areas and become ready to advance their careers.

In addition to the F4 program, MDD will be adding on Dan Dyszelski as a partner. Dyszelski will be assisting with the F4 development program to ensure its success.

“I am really happy about Dan coming on as a partner with MDD,” states Jay Howard. “He will be an asset to the program and I could not have done this without him. We are both very excited about what the future will bring. Fun times ahead for everyone involved in the Motorsports Driver Development program.”

MDD will be offering testing opportunities for the F4 program starting this winter. For more information on Jay Howard’s Motorsports Driver Development program, please contact him via e-mail to or visit him online at

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