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With the announcement earlier this week that Ben Cruttenden has taken over the Technical Director role at Parolin USA, Supertune USA is pleased to announce that Billy McLaughlin has taken over the Team Management role of the popular Indiana based karting team. Working alongside McLaughlin will be perennial front-runner Marco Maestranzi as he continues as the Supertune Driver Coach position alongside the Ownership position of Cruttenden.

“We wanted to make sure that we can run both a successful race team, but also assist with the building and development of a brand here with Parolin in North America,” explained Cruttenden. “I am thankful for both Billy and Marco for stepping into these roles so we can together broaden the horizon of Supertune USA.”

Open to drivers on the Parolin and Tony Kart brands, Supertune USA will still operate as a professional karting team that will compete at all North America’s biggest karting events. With the added role for Cruttenden within Parolin USA, the addition of staff will help alleviate any stress and provide the best functioning program possible.

Cruttenden continued, “I think there was some confusion as some people thought I was closing the team and that is 100% not the case. We will use Supertune to not only grow drivers, but also grow products and build a popular brand in North America. I will be involved with Supertune 100% as I have been for many years, but I also will have the added responsibility so needed help.”

With a new driver this weekend, Nathan Dupuis will take part in the Junior ranks aboard a Parolin chassis in the Supertune USA program. Continuing to grow, the new depth to the Supertune program is a valuable asset for anyone looking to take advantage of a well-managed program and a product that is on the rise.

For more information on Supertune USA, the Parolin or Tony Kart product lines or exciting race team opportunities, please contact Ben Cruttenden at 317.900.3141 or via email to

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