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The first quarter of the 2020 race season is almost complete, and it is time for the first annual TB Kart USA March Madness Sale. TBKart would like to celebrate its phenomenal success on the grid by making its entire lineup of chassis available to a larger cross section of the karting community.

With visible excitement, TBKart importer and team principal Farshad Bagheri said, “Over the past 18 months we have worked tirelessly to make our chassis true podium contenders across all categories. We now want to remove the last obstacle keeping the community from driving these phenomenal machines.”

Bagheri continued, “At the end of the popular winter karting programs we have several drivers that want flip their karts for newer chassis and this is one way that we can help them save some money. We are offering 15% off of any new TB Kart chassis for anyone and everyone and then up to an additional 10% for a possible total savings of 25%.”

The process is simple and could save a racer hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Automatically, any driver that purchases a new TBKart chassis in the month of March will receive 15% off of the retail price. If that driver already has a kart and has competed in a race of any kind, local or regional, or they just like to have fun and drive laps, they will receive an additional 5% off. If the purchaser has raced nationally in 2019 or in either of the popular Florida karting programs in 2020, they can earn another 5% off. It is an incredible savings.

Bagheri continued, “The TBKart brand is growing in the United States. We have had growth in both the race and rental kart sides of our business, and we are now working hard to push it over the top. These special deals will end Tuesday, March 31st.”

For more information on TBKart USA, how to become a dealer, their national level race team or their March Madness Sale, please contact Farshad Bagheri at 727.204.7633 or via email to TBKart USA can also be reached online at or by searching TB Kart USA on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media platforms.

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