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In a partnership that will expand across the United States, Mad Croc Karting USA is pleased to announce a strategic alliance with Checkered Motorsports as the duo will be on track this weekend at the the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix. Joining forces with the potent East Coast program, the growing Mad Old Nut Racing / Mad Croc Karting USA organization has added to their driver list and will now have a presence on both sides of the country.

“Karting, and motorsports in general, is like a complex puzzle to me, and I’m in the business of karting to help people, young and old, experience a thrill that very few other sports can provide,” explained Todd Ulman in a recent phone interview. “I have a full-time career as a film and television producer, but karting has been a passion of mine for quite some time. While our goal is to win, we also want to make sure we have fun and try to decrease the costs for all of the Mad Old Nut Racing competitors.”

In a partnership that expand across the United States, Mad Old Nut Racing and Checkered Motorsports will utilize the Mad Croc chassis in both the 100cc and 125cc platforms.

Ulman continued, “Partnering and providing opportunities on both the East and West Coast was the smart thing to do. We are going to have several drivers from the eastern half of the country come west and race with Mad Old Nut Racing while our drivers out here will travel east and race with Checkered Motorsports. We are eliminating the cross country travel costs of all the equipment that take a toll on driver’s budgets.”

With the Streets of Lancaster Grand Prix on the docket for this weekend, Mad Old Nut Racing is pleased to welcome the newest Mad Croc Karting USA driver AJ Myers to the stable. A winner and a threat for victory each and every time on the track, Myers will see action in both the X30 Senior and S1 divisions throughout the next calendar year.

Joining Myers on track in the X30 Senior category will be MRC driver, Billy Musgrave. Utilizing his own chassis brand in the shifter ranks, Myers and Musgrave will be competitors as they race through the gearbox but when it comes down to the single speed Senior class, the duo will look to work together to ensure they are at the front of the field.

Ulman added, “Billy is a great driver, friend and competitor and he has been a big supporter of mine and vice versa. He and AJ provide a nice 1 – 2 punch in X30 Senior!”

Matias Podboj and Andrew Bujdoso will join Myers in the S1 category. Podboj is a full time employee of Mad Old Nut Racing has been a consistent front runner in Superkarts! USA (SKUSA) competition. Currently sitting second in the points in the ProKart Challenge California program, Matias has his sights set on the top step of the podium this weekend during the ‘unofficial SKUSA SuperNationals Tune-up’. Checkered Motorsports/GreyHound Seats USA pilot Andrew Bujdoso will make the trek out west for his first event as a full Mad Croc Karting US Team Driver. Taking advantage of the strategic cross country partnership, Bujdoso would not have had the chance to compete in California if it wasn’t for the help and support of Checkered Motorsports and Mad Old Nut Racing.

Mathias Coito will be back behind the wheel of his Mad Croc Racing chassis this weekend as he throws his hat in the mix in the IAME Mini Swift division. A consistent driver who has progressed throughout the season, Coito is coming into his own as 2018 begins to wind down and is peaking at the right time with the SKUSA SuperNationals on the horizon.

Mad Old Nut Racing and Mad Croc Karting USA will have future announcements about their new and growing program. With product sales, arrive and drive opportunities and much more, interested parties are asked to contact, Todd Ulman via email to

Photo by: Mad Old Nut Racing

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