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The global pandemic caused by the COVID-19 virus has been ravaging the world, and has forever changed the way we work, play, and interact. The karting community and the karting industry have been severely impacted by the mitigation requirements related to our fight against the pandemic. We are now at the cusp of reopening our economy, and in turn, for karting to make its comeback. TBKart USA has been partnering with our factory in Italy, BagheriTech and three other partners to come up with solutions that will help us all get back to what we love to do.

For us to make a successful return we need to have some tools to minimize, and in time eliminate, the chance of exposure to the virus. With this in mind, TBKart USA / BagheriTech are thrilled to bring two solutions to help sanitize helmets and other racing equipment to help the racing circuits get back to full capacity as soon as possible.

“The guys at BagheriTech never stop innovating products and developing the next thing that could help society,” explained Farshad Bagheri, who is a major partner in these new products. “The Helmet Cleaner is not just designed for TB Kart customers, but kart customers and facilities alike. This could be used in several other entertainment facilities including paintball, rock climbing and more. With a new way of life a reality after the coronavirus passes, this is a way that we can help the karting community band together and get back on track in a sanitary way.”

Check out the TBKart Sanitizer HERE.

BagheriTech and TBKart have come up with two solutions to help ensure facilities can reopen in compliance to the guidelines that will be enforced. The BagheriTech Helmet cleaner focuses on helmets while the second product, the BagheriTech Sanitizer has higher capacity, lower cost of operation and is faster.

Both products feature the following:

  • Uses anti-bacterial solution finely sprayed, or Ozone gas (O3) to kill germs and bacteria
  • Thoroughly cleans inside and outside of helmets/garments
  • Takes only three (3) minutes or less from start to finish
  • Fully automatic
  • Manufactured in Italy and imported to the United States by BagheriTech

The Helmet Cleaner and Sanitizer retails for $5,500 and orders can be placed by contacting TB Kart USA.

For more information on TB Kart USA and the TBKart Helmet Cleaner, how to become a dealer or their national level race team, please contact Farshad Bagheri at 727.204.7633 or via email to TB Kart USA can also be reached online at or by searching TB Kart USA on the Facebook, Instagram and Twitter social media platforms.

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