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Continuing their partnership from 2022, Jay Howard Driver Development (JHDD) has inked a deal with LHP Analytics and IoT (LHPiot) to remain the official analytics company of the championship-winning race program. Fielding cars in the USF 2000 Presented by Cooper Tires, USF Pro 2000 Presented by Cooper Tires, and the F4 United States Championship Powered by Honda, LHP Analytics and IoT will have a presence in three different paddocks and across all JHDD competitors as they forge into the motorsports community.

“We look forward to utilizing LHP for their data analytics and IoT solutions to better prepare our team and drivers prior to hitting the track for each event,” expressed Jay Howard. “Their expanded knowledge in data analytics to help us find lost time or time to be gained is second to none and their presence in the motorsports paddock will become more prevalent for years to come.”

Undergoing a brand and image change, the production of a new website as well as significantly increasing its online presence, LHP Analytics and IoT is a company that ‘Connects People, Processes and, Technology to Deliver Actionable Insights.’

“We quietly got our start in motorsports a few years ago with Jay Howard but since he has significantly grown his team, we will become more involved in the everyday data,” explained John Gollnick, Director of Sales for LHP Analytics and IoT. “Every NTT INDYCAR Series team is using a person, business, or a process as we provide, but we feel we can do it more efficiently with our much-evolved thoughts, processes, and other businesses that we have been involved in.”

LHP Analytics & IoT, backed by LHP Engineering Solutions, is a company of 600+ employees worldwide delivering the cutting edge of automotive engineering. LHP Analytics and IoT is a global program that has aided some of the world’s largest businesses to not only become more efficient and successful but to increase their bottom line.

Gollnick continued, “We don’t reinvent the wheel, we just find ways to make processes better and more affordable. In the motorsports world, we use data to help teams perfect their setup based on previous on-track sessions but also work with that same data to help fine-tune the drivers in what he or she can do better.”

Catch both LHP Analytics and IoT and the Jay Howard Driver Development program on track for their first wheel-to-wheel action of the season over the March 3-5 weekend at the Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

For more information on Jay Howard’s Driver Development program, follow them on social media by searching ‘Jay Howard Driver Development’ or contact Jay Howard via e-mail at or visit him online at

For more information on LHP Analytics and IoT, please contact John Gollnick at 317.797.1150 or via email to LHP Analytics and IoT can be found online at

Photo: RTD Media

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