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It was a trip to Indianapolis, Indiana, and the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the final event weekend of the inaugural Toyota GR Cup North America program. With two races on the docket, a third race was added for the Music City Grand Prix makeup race that was canceled due to a violent storm in the area earlier in the season. With three opportunities to race their way to the front, Jordan Rick Segrini earned a trio of top-ten finishes, including a podium, while Steven Clemons improved his finishing position in each race.

“Another good weekend for BSI Racing as we have shown our improvement throughout the year,” explained Shea Holbrook. “The addition of a second car has allowed us to gather double the data that has expedited the learning curve, and that has been proven since the season has continued on.”

With rain, cold, wind, and less-than-average temperatures in the Indy area, it was a difficult weekend for teams and competitors. Rick Segrini managed to earn a tenth-place result in the Music City Grand Prix makeup race and improved to ninth in the second wheel-to-wheel action of the weekend. Saving his best run for the final on-track session of the season, Jordan piloted his Racing’ for a Cure machine to the third spot on track and celebrated on the podium.

“After qualifying outside the top-ten Friday and Saturday, we had some hard battles through the field to finish in the top half of the field and inside the money Saturday,” explained Rick Segrini. “BSI gave me an awesome car to drive in the cold on Sunday, and we managed to pull off P3 in qualifying. After a hard-fought battle in the top-four, I was able to sneak into third and bring home another podium. A massive thank you to the BSI family on a strong end to the season!”

Steven Clemons Jr. showed his progress throughout the season and the weekend as he bettered his finishing result in each and every on-track session. Scoring a P16 result on Friday in the makeup race, Clemons crossed the line 15th in the penultimate round before improving to 12th in the final wheel-to-wheel action of the season.

“During the start of the event, I was off the pace from the only practice of the week. I wasn’t happy with the pace I had but knew what I had to do in the makeup race on Friday,” expressed Clemons. “The start of the race I make a big lunge down the middle in the braking zone, putting me in that front pack which would’ve put me in a great place to be for the rest of the race. As the rest of the cars were coming into turn one, other competitors went too deep, and I was hit from behind and forced off track. Bummed about it, I knew what I had to do, head down and push forward. I went from the back to P13 and was looking to snatch a couple more spots before the end of the race. Once again, in turn one, a competitor missed their brake zone and took me out again. Back in the back again, just pushing to try and make up the spots I could with the time I had left and crossed the line in P16.”

When the Indy portion of the race weekend began, Clemons improved and ultimately ended the weekend happy.

Clemons added, “In qualifying one, we had the splitter hanging off my car being a massive air dam and just not feeling comfortable in the car, I’d qualify 22nd. I knew what I had to do to move up the field after doing it twice yesterday. Prioritizing the end goal and making smart moves, I was able to get up to 15th, which awarded me the hard charger award. Feeling much better for qualifying two, I was able to clock a time that saw me start on the inside of row seven. Surprisingly, for the last race it was a lot more civil and had a lot of intense, but clean battles. I was able to finish 12th, and overall, really happy with the weekend and the race season.”

With the 2023 season now complete, BSI Racing will begin preparations for at least a two-car effort in the 2024 Toyota GR Cup North America program. Interested drivers are asked to contact Shea Holbrook via email to

For more information on BSI Racing, please email RTD Media and Management to

Photo Credit: Halston Pitman

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