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With the summer of 2020 just around the corner, BirelART North America is pushing a June and July rental kart sale. Offering a huge 20% discount on any orders of ten or more BirelART N35 XR-ST rental karts, the Canadian based operation will also offer free shipping, duties and brokerage fees on orders from now through the end of July 2020.

“This is the perfect time to upgrade your fleet or switch brands to the best rental kart on the market,” expressed BirelART North America’s Rental Kart Manager Raphael St. Charles. “Additionally, when you purchase the BirelART line of products, it is not just a seller and purchaser transaction, but more of a partnership to help increase your bottom line.”

The BirelART Rental Kart is manufactured and produced in Italy and encompasses the same winning material and craftsmanship that has produced countless World Championships. Designed to be user friendly, the BirelART line of products is second to none. The bodywork is made from memory system plastic, designed specifically to withstand and absorb impact. There are four strategically placed handles for lifting the vehicle: two within the front bodywork and two at the rear. All the fenders are attached to the chassis by means of rubber inserts to isolate them from the chassis structure, thus ensuring increased safety on impact.

The plastic rubbing strips protect the extremities of the chassis, connecting all the bodywork elements, so as to absorb impacts and limit damage to the chassis, wheels and the kart’s mechanical parts The seat is plastic, mounted to a steel frame on runners that allow for a range of movement of up to 80mm. The adjuster handle is conveniently situated on the left side of the seat. The pedal box is adjustable manually or by means of a cable from a lever on the right side of the seat, which can be operated by the driver, with a range of movement of 30 mm. A new SDBS (slowing down brake system), which comes into action during braking, reduces the speed of the vehicle by operating on the throttle return cable.

With single and double seat solutions, thousands of hours of research and development have gone into the design of the best rental kart on the market. Focusing on adjustments to suit all drivers’ sizes, as well as the safety that is needed in motorsports, the BirelART Rental Kart is the one for you.

St. Charles continued, “If the XR-ST is not the best model for your business, please contact us about our full range of karts including race karts and new electric rental karts.”

With programs available to try before you buy as well as complete product showcase programs, we make it easy to make your best decision. For more information to become part of the BirelART Rental Kart as well as the BirelART, Ricciardo or Charles Leclerc dealer networks or information on how to join the PSL Karting Race Team for the 2020 season, please contact

BirelART North America (PSL Karting) is the National Importer and Distributor of BirelART products and accessories, including Ricciardo Kart, Kubica Kart, the Charles Leclerc chassis line and Freeline accessories. Visit to find a retailer near you. Follow our racing team and product updates via our social media @pslkartingofficial.

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