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Set for a new challenge in the world of motorsports, 13-year-old Evagoras Papasavvas has joined the Jay Howard Driver Development program. Ready for a year of training and testing, Evagoras will log test mileage prior to the 2022 season when he will be old enough for wheel-to-wheel racing.

“I am really excited to take my career to the next level with Jay Howard Driver Development Program,” commented the young American karting champion. “I believe we made the right decision to do this with Jay. Jay has the depth of knowledge, skills, resources and approach to help me achieve my goal of racing in IndyCar someday. I have a lot to learn, and it is going to be a lot of hard work and sacrifices. I can’t wait to start this next chapter with Jay and his amazing crew.”

“Evagoras has been testing with us in F4, and he has been doing a fantastic job,” stated Jay Howard. “He just keeps getting better and better with every lap, and it’s now got to the point where we wanted to put in place a proper program for him to get up-to-speed prior to being old enough to compete. It’s encouraging to see him and his family taking the appropriate steps to be as well prepared as possible. His approach has been fantastic, and I’m excited to see just how much progress we can make with the young lad this year. From there, we will have a lot more data to work with as we evaluate options for 2022.”

While Papasavvas will continue to log the miles with the JHDD team over the course of the year, the young American will also attend select race events with the team, gaining further insight into how professional open wheel race teams operate at high profile events and what it takes to be competitive.

This is not the last of the news coming for Evagoras. With a full slate of karting ahead of him alongside his open wheel test efforts, future announcements about some additional developments will be communicated in the very near future.

For more information on Evagoras Papasavvas please contact Nektarios Papasavvas via email to Be sure to follow Evagoras Papasavvas on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for news, results, information, and photos from the event. Find us by searching “Evagoras Papasavvas”.

Photos: JHDD

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