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Looking to add value choices within Elite Drivers Academy (EDA), Owner and Founder Louie Pagano has added a host of multi-time champions and coaches to the high level program. With coaching being completed online through Skype, Elite Drivers Academy is using the digital era to add services to drivers not only in the United States, but also around the world.

“We have had several inquires for coaching services from across the globe, but finding the necessary time to travel to different tracks has proven to be difficult,” explained Pagano. “With the cost of travel increasing, we had to look at a different alternative for coaching programs and what better way than to offer these online.”

Pagano continued, “With our new online program, I have added the help and assistance of several championship caliber drivers. Using them to provide direction for the future champions of the sport, all coaches will be able to make money based on drivers that they and their peers bring under the EDA umbrella.”

With our lineup of coaches, users will be able to receive coaching from champions like Louie Pagano, Oliver Askew, Ryan Norberg, Sabre Cook, Brandon Jarsocrak, and Marco Signoretti.

Coaches will be able to work with Elite Drivers Academy clients through Skype and discuss driving lines, strategy, advice and setup options. Also, coaches will be able to view driver’s video and provide instruction at almost any hour of the day.

How the Elite Drivers Academy online program works:

– Drivers will need to have video of a session that they are interested in having worked on.
– Drivers will then go to the Schedule Now! tab on and choose the coach that knows the track that they need help with.
– After choosing the best date and coach, you will finish by paying for the coaching session.
– Go to and download the program. Following the download, you will need to create a user account and add your selected coach as a contact.
– Fast forward to the day of your coaching session, drivers will be contacted by the chosen coach to confirm the session is on time.
– Drivers and coaches will then join on a Skype call, where the coach will be able to view the drivers on board video and critique right on the spot!
– Following the coaching session drivers will then go to Elite Drivers Academy Facebook and post about how great the session was and how they can’t wait for the next one.
Focused on improving the skill set of any driver, Pagano also hopes that drivers, families and teams will take advantage of this program to help prepare competitors for upcoming events.

Championship winning drivers that are interested in becoming EDA coaches are asked to contact Elite Drivers Academy for more details and information. Teams and drivers interested in taking advantage of the unique programs offered by Elite Drivers Academy are encouraged to contact Louie Pagano at 805.501.9081 or via e-mail to

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