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Doran Motorsports Group (DMG), a growing Formula 4 race team from Southern California, is set to expand their Testing and Development program. Looking to pass competitors through their karting operation into Formula 4, 18-year-old Vignesh Kadarabad is set to take part in the DMG Test and Development program.

“Vignesh is a very smart kid. He has a huge desire to do well and become competitive in the Formula 4 series,” explained DMG’s Francois Doran. “His family believes in him, and we are contracted by the Kadarabad family to make the very best driver Vignesh can become and that is exactly what we intend to do.”

Hailing from Mumbai, India, Kadarabad will take part in three, two-day test sessions at Buttonwillow Raceway in Buttonwillow, California. Commencing between the months of July and October, Kadarabad is building towards a complete program in 2020.

“I’m very excited to be making my F4 debut with DMG. I’ve completed one test day with the DMG group last March, and I was so impressed by the professionalism of the team, the engineer and the coach,” expressed Kadarabad. “I truly feel this is a team where I can grow as a driver and learn what is needed to be successful in motorsports.”

Doran added, “With Vignesh now officially part of the team, our mission is more than just developing a fast driver. We intend on developing him on and off the track and making him an attractive option for future sponsors who will want to build, promote or grow their product around an ambassador such as Vignesh. We are working on creating his identity as a driver that fans and sponsors will be able to relate to and recognize as a growing professional athlete. His own logo design, by our art graphic team, along with his official Alpinestars / DMG team suit is what you will see this young star rocking on his next track day.”

With Marco Kacic and Alan Tang scheduled to move up to an F3 program in 2020, DMG is actively looking for funded drivers to be ready to take over the #94 and #95 car for 2020.

Vignesh Kadarabad will be driving the #95 car for the rest of the summer. This car is currently at the top of the Formula Pro USA F4 Championship. Vignesh will be working with Adam Geczi and Sergio Gonzalez as mechanics, Nikita Lastochkin and Alex Barron as driver coaches and engineer Brandon Reed.

With no races currently scheduled for Vignesh, Doran Motorsports Group will evaluate his speed and will look for consistent progression in his pace and understanding of the car. It is highly possible to see Vignesh take his first green flag early next year for the Formula Pro USA F4 Winter Series.

For more information on the Doran Motorsports Group, please contact Brandon Reed via email at or Adam Geczi at Francois Doran can be reached at 909.793.9695 or 951.897.0550. To contact him via email, Francois can be reached at or visit them online at

Photos: Doran Motorsports Group (DMG)

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