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2023 looks promising for Doran Motorsports Group (DMG). With many announcements coming over the next few weeks, DMG will announce their very first driver to the new Doran Motorsports Group (DMG) Academy, two drivers for the Formula Pro USA Winter Series, and other drivers that will be part of both the Formula Pro USA Western Championship and F4 United States Championship Powered by Honda.

DMG started testing in 2018 with one F4 car, grew its fleet to two F4 cars, and won the Formula Pro USA Championship in 2019. Starting a new F3 program in 2021 and adding a second F3 car the following year, Doran Motorsports Group had expanded to five cars competing both regionally and nationally around the United States. Adding team partners, new drivers, and expanding the program to newer and greater heights, 2023 is about getting back to the core of the business, Doran Motorsports Group.

“We’ve had a steady and consistent progression since adding our open wheel program to our karting foundation,” explained Francois Doran, Owner of Doran Motorsports Group. “2022 was a year of ups and downs, good and not-so-good surprises. We met incredible new allies but also shook dirty hands. For 2023, I’m washing my hands, pulling the knives out of my back and we’re ready to win races under our original Doran Motorsports Group banner. We just acquired our third F4 car last week and sadly, although we just grew our fleet, we had to turn down drivers because we didn’t have enough cars. It’s a good problem, and now it is time to deliver.”

Along with going back to the Doran Motorsports Group branding and name for 2023 and beyond, DMG will also launch their new DMG Driver Academy program in 2023.

“The purpose of the academy is to prepare years in advance for the transition of the driver and the parents from karting to open-wheel racing,” added Doran. “Although karting and open-wheel racing are two different beasts to tame on their own, we will make it our mission to develop young future stars and keep them mindful of what aspect of karting is relatable to car racing. We will not only help the drivers on the track but off it as well.”

Doran went on to continue, “We want our drivers to succeed in motorsports and know that our program is just a stepping stone to their career path. We want to develop our drivers as future brand ambassadors and future spokespersons. We want to help them develop an image, create a fan base for them, and help them grow their impact on social media and on and off the track. The Academy helps and guides the parents on how to find sponsors. We establish not only goals but deadlines as well. We set career objectives, work on budget management, and help make it a smoother transition when it comes time to make the big jump.”

Please be sure to follow Doran Motorsports Group on social media to stay up-to-date with news, information, photos, and results in 2023.For more information on the Doran Motorsports Group, please contact Francois Doran at 951-922-3411 or via his cell phone at 951.897.0550. To contact him via email, Francois can be reached at or visit them online at

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