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It is a new season of competition and Crown Racing is ready for the first green flag of the Blue Marble Radical Cup North America program this weekend. Entering the father and son duo of Seth and Jace Bacon, the pair will battle against each other after honing their skills at the APEX Motor Club in the APEX Racing Series.

Starting their Radical career in 2022, both Bacons will pilot SR3 machines this coming weekend at the famed NOLA Motorsports Park. Jace (17) and Seth (51) are thirty-four years different in age but will be inches apart on track this weekend.

“We are excited to get the 2023 season underway with Jace and Seth at NOLA this weekend,” explained Crown Racing’s Joey Martin. “Both drivers have been tearing it up at our local program, and we are excited to see what they can do on that national stage in 2023.”

Hailing from Gilbert, Arizona, the Bacons have been racing Radicals since October 2022 and intend to continue their learning and fun at the Blue Marble Radical Cup.

“This is a fun opportunity to spend some time together and do something that we enjoy, yet is fiercely competitive,” expressed Seth Bacon. “I am looking forward to being at the track with my son but also competing at a high level and pushing one another along the way.”

Jace Bacon added, “My main goal in racing is to have fun and consistently improve my skillset. However, I would love to make racing my profession if the right doors can be opened.”

Seth continued, “While I trust Jace and his abilities, the dad instincts always kick in when I am on track. If I see dust or a yellow flag, the thought instantly turns to make sure Jace is ok. That is one of two things that I don’t really like about being on the track at the same time. The other item is that he is usually faster than me, but I just use it as motivation to get better.”

Seth, Jace, and Crown Concepts will hit the track Thursday for pre-event test sessions before the official competition and three wheel-to-wheel races commence over the weekend..

For more information on Crown Racing or to contact Joey Martin, please email Joey Martin at or by phone at 520.900.7586. Crown Racing can also be found online on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram by searching “Crown Concepts” or by visiting their website,

Photo: Crown Concepts

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