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As the CBD Oil and Marijuana industry continues to evolve, so does Canna Cola. The iconic brand is gearing up for a re-launch this week. Changing their process and packaging, the soon to be popular CBD infused sparkling water will be readily available later this summer. With a soft launch planned for this weekend at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, media, spectators and event goers will be invited to taste test the new beverage.

Canna Cola is the World’s Most Recognized Brand in CBD Infused Beverages. Now legal in all fifty states everyone can enjoy the benefits of hemp derived CBD and non-psychoactive cannabinoids in a refreshing sugar-free, all-natural sparkling water.

Supporting racers this weekend, Canna Cola will have a presence on Sean Cook’s Pro UTV as well as a massive display within the Pikes Peak Hill Climb paddock.

“We invite anyone and everyone to stop by, check out our products, take photos and post to social media,” explained Clay Butler. “With our rebrand, we have started fresh to ensure there are no ties to the past and that includes social media pages. Our goal is to push this lifestyle drink to be the best CBD infused sparkling water on the market, and give back in the form of Brand Ambassador programs.”

“Each can of Canna Cola is fortified with 100% of your daily needs of B vitamins, 25% of your vitamin D3, plus the essential minerals zinc, selenium, and magnesium,” explained Clay Butler. “We then enhance the homeostasis promoting properties of CBD with the amino acids Tryptophan and Tyrosine and the adaptogenic powers of Ginseng and Maca. We conclude our formula with a natural energy boost from 25mg of natural non-jittery caffeine from green coffee beans.”

The Canna Cola formula is designed to work synergistically with CBD to enhance its natural calming effect on your body’s stress responses.

For more information on Canna Cola and their complete line of products, please visit them online at Also, help grow Drink Canna Cola’s social media following online by searching them @DrinkCannaCola

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