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Black Sheep Racing (BSR), having just announced a new affiliation with the Vezer Family Vineyard for the second round of the USAC Porsche Sprint Challenge USA West championship, is proud to announce another new partnership program. Salt Pepper Oak Restaurant, owned by the Hunt family in Pass Christian, Mississippi, is a restaurant that embraces Texas-style barbecue and is the newest partner of the championship-winning BSR efforts.

Using large offset smokers, Salt Pepper Oak Restaurant delivers barbecue with a distinct flavor that can only be created by using this method. Salt Pepper Oak Restaurant offset smokers are maxed out daily to deliver craft barbecue to guests, however, this does come at the cost of running out of product. In true Texas fashion, Salt Pepper Oak Restaurant serves until they sell out. This gives the guest a truly fresh barbecue. The highest quality locally sourced meats, proper seasoning techniques, and fire management create Salt Pepper Oak Restaurant, a craveable barbecue experience.

The partnership was created to help Salt Pepper Oak Restaurant expand beyond its locally somewhat limited geographical reach.

“When I pitched Vincent on the concept of attending our upcoming race in Austin, Texas in August, he was all over it like BBQ sauce,” explained BSR’s Business Development Manager Chris Stiffler. “Being that their restaurant embraces the Central Texas style and we’re racing in Austin, it just seemed liked a natural fit.”

Salt Pepper Oak is in the process of creating a reheat product, fresh off the smoker, and shipped to customers in 48 hours.

Stiffler added, “It’s unique to get custom smoked brisket and other food spiced by an excellent cook like Vincent, delivered to us anywhere on the road we’re racing within 48 hours. We can boil water to reheat vegetables, fire up our grill to heat the brisket and refrigerate deserts trackside to feed our drivers and crew, which saves us money from the traditional provisioning we must source locally. This saves us time and money, and we get to eat fresh authentic BBQ that is mouthwatering good!”

Stiffler went on to say, “Black Sheep Racing will have the best-smelling paddock space for sure now! With our invited partners and guests in attendance, this allows BSR to dramatically up our game for our presentation and gives Salt Pepper Oak the opportunity to let people sample their cooking that otherwise, they might not have the opportunity to do so. We’re excited to get their name out there, and let fans, friends, and family taste what we believe is some of the best authentic, fresh BBQ available out there!”

Salt Pepper Oak Restaurant also offers a menu on its website along with gift cards and merchandise.

“The new ‘Ship to Your Lips’ process is a fresh, ongoing process that was just recently introduced,” Vincent Hunt explained.  “Black Sheep Racing will assist us in streamlining the process by orders we hopefully receive trackside or via our website.”

Special promotional codes during the Porsche Sprint Challenge YouTube broadcasts will allow fans of the series to purchase at an introductory discount with some specialty giveaways also being included later this year.

BSR will also do a full announcement on all their social media platforms this week and throughout the 2023 season.

Stiffler added, “Pairing our wine partners at the Vezer Family Vineyard with brisket was a natural fit.”

“We have done a tremendous amount of work to prepare for the 2023 season and it’s nice to see some of that effort starting to pay off,” Stiffler continued. “We are still seeking a title partner and naming rights sponsorship for 2023 and into the 2024-2025 seasons. BSR has big plans, and our audience is growing quickly on all platforms, and in-person attendance at the tracks has been increasing. Next year we have even bigger ambitious goals, hopefully, with the right partners and capital in place, we can achieve Black Sheep Racing’s Team Principal Laura Ely’s goals of going pro racing in a series we have been keeping an eye on for a long time!”

Stay tuned for more partnership announcements in the coming weeks from Black Sheep Racing!

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