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The ever popular and championship winning BENIK Kart chassis has now been approved for the UK market. Beginning in January 2017, the high quality chassis will become available in the UK karting scene, allowing for expansion and growth for the young team worldwide. With distributors in United States, Canada, Mexico and Australia, BENIK UK will be looking for distributors in the UK to be part of the BENIK family.

The BENIK Kart team is owned and operated by Ben Cruttenden and Nick Mitchell, both long time karting industry members. The team currently competes in nearly all high profile events in North America, including the Florida Winter Tour, Superkarts! USA Pro Tour, United States Rotax Grand Nationals, Canadian Karting Championships, and more. Though the BENIK Kart team has only existed on the North American karting scene since 2013, they have been a dominant force, appearing on the podium at many of these high profile events. The team has worked to establish the BENIK Kart brand throughout North America, emphasizing the high quality and user-friendly aspects of the brand.

“We are very much looking forward to bringing our winning brand to the UK and to make a serious push for 2017,” explained BENIK Kart Co-Owner Ben Cruttenden.

The BENIK Kart is manufactured in Italy and assembled in the USA with the highest quality parts. Although the chassis is made in the heart of the karting world, it has only been available in the North American karting scene. Now, the chassis will be available in the European market, exclusively in the UK. Cruttenden and Mitchell plan to bring the chassis into the UK themselves, which allows them to give distributors and customers the knowledge and support needed to make the launch successful. The British pair will work hard to promote the chassis throughout the UK and hope to see the same success they are currently seeing in North America. They will continue to emphasize the quality, fit, and finish of the chassis that makes it user-friendly and competitive on the track.

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