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Continuing to shape the motorsports track insurance marketplace, AKTPA has announced a new referral program for new members. While most incentive programs last a month at a time, AKTPA is breaking the trend and will offer the $250 Visa Gift Card giveaway from now until December 31, 2021.

“By simply referring a new track to AKTPA, you will have the chance to earn yourself a $250 Visa Gift Card,” explained AKTPA’s Tim Wilkerson. “If the referred track joins AKTPA and utilizes our track insurance program, we will honor the individual or member that referred them with the Visa Gift Card. Additionally, we will run this incentive program through the end of 2021.”

With no limit on the quantity of gift cards being offered to any individual or business, the opportunity to receive multiple Visa Gift Cards is endless.

Wilkerson added, “We thank all of our current members for their business and support, and we look forward to adding to our growing list of members with our new programs. We offer the best pricing on the market and can keep you insured to the highest of standards, but also increase your profit margins.”

Check out the rates offered from AKTPA below:

2021 Speedway and Sprint Karting pit pass rates per person in restricted area
$1 Million Liability Limits – $2.99 – $100 Event Minimum
$2 Million Liability Limits – $3.89 – $120 Event Minimum
$3 Million Liability Limits – $4.95 – $145 Event Minimum
$5 Million Liability Limits – $4.99 – $170 Event Minimum

AKTPA only uses A+ rated Insurance Companies. AKTPA currently utilize New York Marine Insurance Company for General Liability and Federal Insurance Company, a Division of Chubb Insurance, which are two of the largest insurance companies in the world.

AKTPA offers $25,000 in secondary medical and $15,000 accidental death and dismemberment. Ambulance and air lifts are covered.

AKTPA is available 24/7, 365 to properly service your club and track needs.

To download the 2021 Event Reporting Form, click HERE.

For more information on the American Kart Track Promoters Association or to take advantage of any of their services, please visit or call the AKTPA office at 317.501.3377.

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