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From Around the Paddock

Championship Scenarios
It’s the Radical Cup North America Championship weekend at Sonoma Raceway. The championship scenarios are tight in most classes with Group-A Racing’s Steve Jenks leading the Platinum class by eight markers over Wisko Racing’s Robert Rossi and One Motorsports’ Jon Field who are tied for second. Palmer Miller has a 78-point lead over his Esses Racing teammate Kent Myers with Wisko Racing’s Gustavo Rafols in third. Racing With Autism’s Austin Riley is the Pro 1340 championship leader by 15 points over Ryno Racing’s Mike Anzaldi as the top two in the Pro 1340 class lead the overall point battle. Group-A Racing Reid Stewart sits third.

Online and On-Track
The camaraderie between drivers in the series and at the races has taken to a whole new level these past few weeks as Pro 1340 Championship and Radical Cup North America contenders Austin Riley and Mike Anzaldi have taken their on-track battle to the sim world and have been racing against one another online. Preparing for the Sonoma event, the duo has been going wheel-to-wheel in the sim world as they are set to go wheel-to-wheel this weekend for the title. The championship winner in the Pro 1340 class is very likely to become the Overall Series Champion as well.

“We have been racing pretty much every night,” explains Mike Anzaldi. “Austin will send me a text and then we hop online and battle it out. We have had a ton of conversations, and I have gotten to know Austin a bit more. The best part is when we are racing on the sim, Austin enjoys to rip me about races that we have had on track.”

Riley chuckles and comments, “Remember Watkins Glen?”

Anzaldi added, “The battles we have on the sim are respectable, and we have gained a lot of comfortability around one another on the real track because of it. It should be a great weekend for us in Sonoma.”

New Drivers
The final round of the 2022 season will see several new drivers compete for the first time or make their return to the series. Whether it be in preparation for the soon-to-be-announced 2023 season or the upcoming Radical World Finals Presented by Hankook, it is great to see growth within the series even as the final checkered flag is on the horizon.

Fat Boy Racing driver Charles Finelli driver states, “My first day in Radical Cup was a great time, and I am looking forward to getting back out there tomorrow and get my speed up a bit. We had a small hiccup with the car not running as fast as it should and considering I haven’t been in this car before; I just need more track time.” When asked if there is a learning curve compared to other cars, “It’s a very stable car, it’s very easy to drive. It doesn’t bite you like the other cars I’m used to. It is fun and stable, and I like it, the other cars I’ve raced are a little twitchy. I am impressed so far.”

Ron Fletcher, who is competing with Ryno Racing in the Pro 1500 class, has raced in the Radical Cup series before but is returning to the series after a long break. Owning a handful of Radical machines and hailing from San Diego, Ron is a member of the Spring Mountain Motor Resort and may make an attempt at the Radical World Finals Presented by Hankook.

“I am happy to be racing in the Radical Cup program this weekend. It’s a series where the more cars you have on track, the more competitive and entertaining the racing becomes. I’ve been racing in a Radical car for a very long time, and it never gets old. It’s a new experience every race weekend and every time I hit the track,” adds Ron Fletcher.

Racing out of the Radical Northwest camp will be Dan Decker, Richard McDougall, Arul Venkatesh, Brendan Wright, and Joe Nuxoll. Nuxoll will return to the Radical Cup program and will drive the 25th-anniversary livery and is ready for the weekend. “I’m high on the timetable right now and some of the guys that I have beaten before are ahead of me so hopefully we can get the car dialed in for qualifying. I should have a little advantage at this track since it is my home facility.”

Social Media
With no live stream available this weekend be sure to follow the Radical Cup North America social media pages for photos, results, videos, schedules, and more throughout the Sonoma Raceway event weekend.

Media Packages Available
RTD Media is back on site this weekend at the Sonoma Raceway and will also be offering media packages to all Radical Cup North America teams and competitors at a discounted rate. These media packages can be custom-tailored to your specific needs and include media releases, graphic design, social media programs, trackside photography/videography, and more. Please contact Mike Maurini at 317.270.8723 (Phone / WhatsApp / Text) or via email to or visit them online at for more information. Additionally, please forward news, media releases, photos, and other content to Mike to help spread the footprint of your race program.

To stay up to date with news, information, photos, and results from the Blue Marble Radical Cup North America event weekend, please be sure to follow along via their social media pages by searching Radical Cup North America.

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